A business is simply an idea to make other people’s lives better. -Richard Branson(Virgin). Let’s go more top 3 wise quotes make you do business growth better today

1.I have always looked on my businesses not just as money-making machines, but as adventures that can, I hope, make people better off. -Richard Branson(Virgin)

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2. At Virgin we enjoy shaking up market sectors which, until Virgin comes along, are generally controlled by a few major corporations and it is always the consumer who loses out; we like to get in there and change that. -Richard Branson(Virgin)

Richard Branson explains why we should do away with jargon.

3. I’m inquisitive; I love learning about new things. So, you know, we have ended up with sort of 300 or 400 companies, but we’ve become a sort of way-of-life brand. … People think of Virgin — if they hear that Virgin’s going into a new area, they know that the quality will be good, that we’ll do it in a fun way, that we’ll give good value for money. And so it gives us a leg up when we go into a new venture. People already [trust] us, and they’ll give us a try and, generally speaking, people seem to like what they find. -Richard Branson(Virgin)

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