How reading the bible in a year will change everything for you. Read quotes Brian Hardin

1. God

“If you were God, would you trust you?”- Brian Hardin

2. Bible
“If you will commit yourself to spending every day in the Bible for one month, you will notice something shifting inside.”-Brian Hardin

3. Jesus Christ
“The kingdom of God on earth today, those professing faith in Christ Jesus is larger than any other kingdom or government on this earth.”-Brian Hardin

4. Life
“We do not have a God that is aloof or is just distancing himself from us while we squirm and while we suffer. We have a God that is very, very much present and in life with us.”-Brian Hardin

5. Wisdom
“The effect we have on our children is far more profound than we ever realize in the moment. It likely won’t be until our children are grown and we have the wisdom of clear hindsight – and perhaps the joys of grand children – that we understand the profound impact our choices have on our children.”-Brian Hardin

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6. Strength
“Just as our bodies need a balanced diet, our souls require a steady diet of Scripture.”-Brian Hardin

Bầu Trời, Tự Do, Hạnh Phúc, Nhẹ Nhõm

7. Love
“God is as invested in this relationship as is possible, far beyond our own capacity and he is just expecting the same out of the relationship from us, that we love him first.”-Brian Hardin

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8. Inspiration

“We see a lot of emotion throughout the scriptures, Old and New Testament that shows us pretty clearly that the things that we do matter to God because his desire is to be in a relationship with us.”-Brian Hardin

9. Motivational
“We go through some hard times, but there is more going on than we know. There is no way to know what we are being sent ahead to do, what path we are cutting so that others can follow through or what things God is freeing us from.”-Brian Hardin


10. Forgiveness
“Forgiveness is releasing that pain, that wound, that incident, that person, that connection to that person, releasing that to God and allowing him to handle it from here.”-Brian Hardin


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    it was a good job, keep it up, gods grace is with you

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